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Musings on eye doctors

So, immediately after writing the post about how much I hated ophthalmology, I began to recant. Not because clinic isn't infernally boring (it is) - but because I got to see eye surgery, which is hands down the most interesting thing I've seen this year. Doesn't make up for clinic, but it tempers things out a bit.

Anyhow, my apologies for how long it's been taking me to post lately, but I've been feeling very ambivalent. Clinic is boring, surgery is cool. I suppose if I tried really hard, I could convince myself that I would be happy as an ophtho; 9-4 workdays, take Fridays off, do sweet procedures, earn $300,000+ a year, have a tolerable clinic. Nothing really all that interesting about the patients, but hey, the surgery is nifty.

I don't know though. Frankly, the reason I haven't been posting is that I have nothing interesting to say. Keep in mind, the first person to read any blog post on Agraphia is me.

That being said, I personally find reading back through this post boring. I need to say it (catharsis, remember?) but I can't even make it interesting to myself. I guess that's my answer... I will not be looking at eyes for the rest of my life.

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