Agraphia Medical Tragicomedy


Note scans part I

During the summer I scanned in a couple of my favorite doodles. They're nothing artistic, but you may get a kick out of them (especially if you were in class and know what I'm talking about...)

So, without further ado- Zac's Doodles Part I (more to come when I get around to scanning more).

I love Neutrophils because I always think of them like this - they explode to kill off invading bacteria.

Kamikaze Neutrophil

I'm seriously thinking of making this for this halloween.
Uterus Costume

I hated biochem.


My favorite diagram ever. Note the sweet crane hand coming off the HDL.


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  1. lol!!!

    i still definitely think you should be the uterus for halloween!!!

    seeing these pictures makes me feel like i’m sitting next to you in class….awww, how cute!

    ps you and smalls gotta come over and meet my new puppy!!

  2. Sorry to be a traitor but your exam partner, Montgomery is hilarious. And you, my friend, are a blog-slacker. 😉

  3. there is something very wrong with you Zac. Very wrong

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