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Overeaters Anonymous

I was talking to a friend today and realized I never posted about the Overeaters Anonymous guy that came to talk to us.

SBS (Social/Behavioral Sciences) is our catch-all class for anything Psych related to medicine. How to deal with people who are mentally unstable, how to get your patients to listen, etc. Anyhow, we also had a series on eating. Anorexia, Bulemia... and overeating. Just to prove the point, they brought a guy in to tell us about his story.

He looked to be about 250 pounds, though he was only 5'6" or so. As a rep for OA, he was actually a "reformed" overeater- he assured us later that the extra poundage was almost all excess skin that hung around after the fat was gone. How did he get that fat? The following is an account of what he would eat for lunch alone.

He would go to the grocery store, and buy a full baguette, 2 packages of bacon, 2 pounds of cheese and a bottle of mayonnaise. He would then go home, rip all of the bread out of the middle of the baguette (eat the middle part, of course), and then fry up all the bacon. The baguette, of course, needed to be hollowed out to make room for all the cheese. He'd then put the bacon on top of the cheese to melt it, pour on the mayonnaise, and eat the whole thing.

And THEN he would eat an entire box of Hostess chocolate covered donuts.

Now that's an eating problem to be proud of.

Can you tell I'm still avoiding studying for Genetics?

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