Agraphia Medical Tragicomedy


Paging Dr. Z… paging Dr. Z…

At one point during my summer I had to pick up a list of names from a woman in medical records. All was fine and dandy until she called me Doctor.

I was almost out the door as she did but I about-faced and told her that I was just a medical student. There was no way I am taking on that responsibility yet. I've seen what those guys with the fancy "M.D." after their name have to do and they are WAY out of my league right now. I'm perfectly happy being a medical student right now, thank you very much.

In other news, Court and I were talking about dentists today. One of the dentists I know in town used to joke before I went to medical school that I was making a huge mistake.

"Go to dentistry school" he would say. "You'll make a killing, never have to deal with insurance, work 9-4, and love what you do even more for it". Who knows, maybe he's right. M.D.'s sure seem to go through a lot of shit nowadays.

He mentioned that my second option should be plastic surgeon. Same perks as the dentists, pull in a cool mil a year. That argument's starting to sound pretty good, unlike when I first came in to medical school. It'll be interesting to do my preceptorship with a Pediatrician... I love TotShots so much, and yet I know that being a Peds doc is consigning yourself to an endless hell of worried moms, 8-6 hours just to meet the bills, and chronic runny noses.

Man, you never think you'll get swayed by money but when you're looking at all those sweet flat-screen TV's at Costco money starts looking damn good.

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  1. oh zac! i am so glad to see your old website back up and running…it makes me so much happier, especially since i was considering suicide when i start to think what we start again tomorrow…..AGHHHHH!!!!

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