Agraphia Medical Tragicomedy


Mortal Enemy, Round II

I'm the new Tot-Shots co-coordinator, along with Courtney. Awesome. We get to give shots and vaccines to hundreds of screaming kids that are terrified of needles. Strangely, this is right up my alley.

I had to meet with Paula, along with Courtney and last year's coordinator, Greg. On the way to the meeting, Greg did nothing but vent about the royal pain in the ass that is Paula, Queen of Darkness. Frankly, that's giving her too much credit. Paula, Annoying Gnat of Little Itchy Insect Bites. Much better.

About a month ago, Paula came swooping into our classroom (buzz, buzz) informing us all about a new "Emergency Readiness" program being put on by the Health Department. Some legislator on high has decided that our city needs more Emergency Response people. Whatever. Just the sort of thing thats up our collective alley that we'd love to get trained for.

However, Paula continued talking. She informed us that there were, in fact, two workshops that we needed to sign up for. Furthermore, she would be in charge of both, and, additionally, we needed to sign up for both. If we failed to show, we would be docked CUP hours. Now, med students hoarde CUP hours like leprechauns do pots 'o gold. Or whatever. C'mon, it was just St. Patty's Day. Why, you ask? Because we get 3 weeks off in 4th year if we have 90 CUP hours. Clearly anything that jeapordizes that glorious vacation endangers attendance.

So, Paula, Insignificant Mote Of Dust Removed By My Swiffer effectively shot this program in the foot. First came the email informing us of the lifting of the "restriction on needing to sign up for both". Then the entire program got cancelled.

My point, you ask? During our meeting, Paula proceeded to talk to us about how silly it was for the powers that be to schedule the programs "this late in the year". Because, of course, it certainly wasn't HER fault, now was it? In fact, she apparently went on record as saying that they should have scheduled the program earlier. It never would have had this problem if they had just listened to her. Blah blah blah blah.

The meeting turned into a power trip for her, like we knew it would. But, we smiled, and nodded, and played her little games. And now, we're the coordinators for an awesome program.

I love you Paula.

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