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Sometimes I find drafts sitting around that I never finished editing. Usually, I'm past the point where I want to edit it to make a legit post. Anyhow, this entry isn't really a coherent whole, but I might as well put it up. Funny too, because recent POPS have been much better.

We had our first microbiology POPS today (Patient-Oriented Problem-Solving). A few thoughts.

1) Apparently our school stole the entire POPS program from Oregon U's Dental school. I'd like to think that med school and dental school have a different approach to microbiology. For instance... cavities vs. SUDDEN DEATH due to bacterial sepsis.*

2) When they stole the POPS, they failed to realize that Oregon U posts ALL OF THE ANSWERS. Not, of course, that I looked. Though, if I had, it would have essentially negated all need for group discussion over which one we thought was the "right answer". Because we would have known. Ahead of time.

3) Due to recent renovations, they are no longer able to perform the POPS in small study rooms. So, instead, all 105 of us (+ grad students) were crammed into a single auditorium. This was rather... unfortunate. Large, noisy auditoriums aren't really conducive to small group study.

4) POPS are required... but they are all scheduled for Mondays and Friday afternoons. And we can't get excused from them unless there is some overly dangerous life-threatening emergency (not even the girl who's getting married next week is excused)!

In summary, POPS were pretty poorly run. The material was interesting... but the presentation was lacking. Thank god we don't have an entire curriculum based around small groups *cough* first years *cough*.

*Of course dentists see lots of dangerous tooth infections and such. I mean no disrespect to our periodontical brethren... I'm just pointing out that the focus is slightly different.

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