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Questions, Round II

I believe the email train has stopped. Why, you ask? Someone forwarded the emails to our Biochem prof, who sent out a hefty rebuke to the people who had called for (as he put it) "freedom of speech" to be suppressed. Of course, nobodys going to mess with a teacher. Case closed.

If, by the way, Persons 1-4 use his email as an excuse to ramp up the question-asking sprees, I think a war may break out.

On a related note, I should also mention that the same Biochem prof been interrupting Person #1's questions after a few seconds, and gets somewhat visibly annoyed when her hand goes up.

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  1. Oh mister sister, THE WAR HAS ONLY BEGUN!

  2. Zac i love you….i would write a comment but I fear that somebody will send it Dr. T….

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  4. Just lurking around there, and want to thanks you for this blog :d

  5. Couldnt have said it much better my self! Exceptional examine.

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