Agraphia Medical Tragicomedy


Credit Where Credit Is Due

The other day in Biochem, Person #1 said something that made me gain an enormous amount of respect for her. As the prof called on her she looked over at the clock and realized there was only a minute or so left in class. And so, she said "oh, never mind. I didn't realize what time it is, so I'll just ask after class". And that was it. Done. Finished. I was shocked. So, I have to give her credit. She (and honestly, everyone else targeted in Listserv Throwdown '06) have really quieted down lately and I'm very, very grateful.

In other news, I'm not one to get nervous when I'm talking to people, but I just called up one of the pre-eminent Interventional Radiologists in the country to ask him for a research position. I'm meeting with him sometime next week, but I'm a little skittish. What if I don't like the projects he's running? What if he and I don't get along? He sounded a bit gruff on the phone, but a good family friend of ours totally recommended him and said he was a really nice guy. Can I, as a lowly 1st year medical student, just say I'm not interested?

Plus, this time I really want it to count. I can't get stuck doing crappy research again... I've been there, done that. It sucked. If I don't enjoy myself doing research this summer I am totally going to kick myself for not going to Latin America and doing something that really made a difference.

Self-doubt and questions and worry... oh my!

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