Agraphia Medical Tragicomedy


Scrubs are AWESOME

Many awesome things have happened this week.

1) I befriended a 3rd year med student on her Interventional Radiology (for simplicity's sake, i'll just refer to it as IR from now on... everyone else does) rotation. She's been totally helping me around- where to get scrubs, how to put on the lead-lined suit, how to access CT/X-Ray/MRI images. Always, always befriend someone older and wiser than you. Mental note, to myself, for the future. You'd think, by the way, that scrubs would be easy to come by. They aren't. Hospitals are actually hardcore about who gets access to scrubs, and when- apparently scrub theft is a big problem. Not surprising, since I've already stolen 4 pairs :-) . In my defense, I don't want to have to change once I get to the hospital... it's a lot easier to have several clean pairs at home that I can just drive to work in. Once they get dirty, into the hospital laundry bin they go!

2) I've seen a ton of IR procedures. They are incredibly cool.

This is as far as I got on this post... I found it in my saved drafts a month later.

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