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Sick of abortion posts yet?

So today there was an editorial in the campus newspaper from some Criminal Justice sophomore. She apparently thinks it's a stellar idea to have a partial birth abortion ban with no medical exception clause. Oh, and we should outlaw it because "merely the mother's health is at risk". Quote. Because we've lost sight of the importance of the mother's health in the quest for saving at ALL COSTS the life of the fetus.

I'm totally pissed and wrote an email to the editors... and to the entire med school, trying to get other people to email in. I hope they get published.

Here's what I wrote. I wish it could have been more inflammatory.

Janne's opinion on "partial birth abortion" is so vastly misguided I
don't even know where to start. For example, there is a condition (trisomy 13)
where life expectancy for the newborn is 1 week. Performing a simple D&X (the
CORRECT terminology for "partial birth abortion"), could prevent the mother
from having to carry a horribly disfigured fetus to term, only to have it die-
with all the complications and costs associated with pregnancy and birthing.

To then compound the matter by claiming that we should not allow D&X in the case
of a medical emergency (which definitely exist; let me assure you) is downright
criminal. The medical reality conflicts with Janne's moralistic worldview in a
very dangerous way.

If you really want to stop abortions, try advocating for easier access to birth
control, instead of whittling away access to life-saving procedures.

Medical Student, College of Medicine

Neocon fundie pro-life warmongering &!^@#.

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  1. …And let’s see if they print it. As far as I can tell, no press yet. Don’t you love equal representation of both sides?

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