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Do you remember that time in middle school (well, for me at least) when soda went from $.50 to $.60? 10 cents wasn't that much in terms of money, but it meant that you had to carry around the extra dime. Annoying. Totally, completely annoying. In fact, I would even say it was one of the most annoying things that ever happened to me. That, and pay phone calls going from $.25 to $.35.

Why should you care? Because, my friends, 20 oz. sodas in the cafeteria just rose in price from a dollar. Not to $1.10. Not to $1.25.

No, they rose to $1.19.

This is the most ridiculous price scam I've ever heard of. Not only am I required to carry more than a dollar bill to get a soda, I am now going to get one PENNY back if I dump in a dollar bill and 2 dimes. Worse, by overpaying $1.25, I'll be forced to deal with the nickel.

Nickels are the most hated of all God's creations. Much worse than Tucker Carlson, hard as that is to believe. The idea that I will get nickels back from the soda machine makes me want to punch Pepsi's CFO in the face.

Who came up with this brilliant marketing idea? $1.19? Make it $1.25, please, I beg of you. This helps your bottom line and my change pocket.

Nickels in my wallet. *shudders*. They'll multiply like gremlins in there.

Edit: Apparently, they are, in fact, $1.25 in the vending machines. My wrath has dissipated, mostly. Unfortunately, they still cost $1.19 in the cafeteria. I'm still slightly annoyed. I wonder if you could track inflation based upon the rise in cost of soda? Economists, get on that.

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  1. Um, maybe I should have stated that cokes are $1.25 in the machines and $1.19 if you actually purchase it from the caf lady. =)

  2. Well written, fresh take on this topic.

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