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Sports Medicine

Lured by the appeal of free Chipotle (whoo!) I went to a sports medicine talk today.

1) Sports medicine is not for me. The coaches and players just want the go-ahead to play... and if you don't give it often enough, you get fired. Plus, you pay to be associated with the team. Talk about conflict of interest.

2) Sports medicine derives from family practice. I was struck by the complete difference in style between this and some of the surgery presentations I've seen. This was pretty vague ( "concussions are bad because they lead to bleeding somewhere in the head... it's one of those pathways I don't remember" ) vs. a surgery talk ( "do X, Y, & Z. Problem solved". )

3) Family practice (at least the way he presented it) is just triage. See an interesting case? Pass it off to someone who can deal with it. I'd rather be the one dealing with it than the one passing off everything cool just as you see it.

Alright, so no family practice or sports medicine for me. Maybe I'm just attracted to difficulty, and I should just start gunning for plastic surgery (and the assorted trophy wives and alimony that come as part of the residency package deal).

*side note* Class ran incredibly smoothly today. There was a line of about 10 people waiting to ask questions after each lecture. Also, we got out 10 minutes early each period. GLORIOUS!!!

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