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Summer… in summery

OK, I was verbally berated by the Peasinator about how I haven't kept up on the blog. I haven't, in fact, kept up on the blog, as is evidenced by the fact that there have been no posts.

Ready for the summar summary?

1) I didn't have any data. The sum* total of patients that I had was (drumroll please) 15. Of those 15 patients, none had any data that could be standardized.

2) Its funny... I could have done a lot more. I could have been scrubbing in on surgery by the end of this whole thing, probably for every procedure. I've been around the department longer than most rotations even last. Amazingly, I felt ZERO motivation to do so. Surprised? I'm not either. Its my last summer, ever, and I could either have busted my ass for absolutely nothing, or worked 10 hours a week, like I did. Both ways, I come out at the end of my summer with the same thing, except that one involves me being exhausted and one involves me being relaxed, sunburnt (San Diego beaches woohoo!), and ready to do something again.

3) By far and away the best part about this summer has been TotShots. We give vaccinations to screaming kids. They hate us. I love them. It works.

So, I apologize for not posting. I also miss my old blog (back up when colleges start again!) so part of this is me pouting.

*how many times in this entry can I say sum, summer, summar, summery, or summary? YOU be the judge!**

**little starry postscripts stolen SHAMELESSLY from Montgomery.

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