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Talent Show

I hate talent shows. I hate parents who cheer for their kids who lipsync Britney Spears. I hate the people who go up and show off some half-baked excuse for "talent" and then get all their frat-boy buddies to come and cheer them on.

This was not one of those talent shows.

One of our classmates played the cello - variations on ONE string - and was amazing. Another played classical guitar that was incredible. We had traditional indian dancing, and traditional latin american. And there were skits. Skits that wanted to make me pee my pants I was laughing so hard.

This is me reaffirming my faith in my med school class- some of the most amazing, warm-hearted, talented people that I've ever met. I love you, 09'ers.

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  1. I didn’t get to see all of the show…

    But one memory that will definitely stick when I look back on med school in 10 years…

    Nelly…white face paint, sheet over his body, dancing as a dead cadaver to michael jackson’s “thriller”…He was ALL OVER THE STAGE, shaking his booty and dancing like he’s never danced before :)

    And Joy and Angela in stonewashed 80’s jeans, white button down shirts getting down MJ style as the dancing Czusaks.

    Yeah, that’s a memory that will stick :)

    Thanks to everyone for the awesome night, especially head of the medical monsters, Ms. Afton herself!

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