Agraphia Medical Tragicomedy


That Uneasy Queasy In The Pit Of Your Stomach

Tomorrow I start my general surgery month, on call at 5 in the morning. I'm nervous, for many reasons.

  • I've not yet been on call as a doctor - we don't take call in the ER.
  • I've never rounded on more than 6-7 patients in the morning; we've got 20 to be seen.
  • I'll be working 26 days straight, no breaks or days off.
  • In fact, I have one continuous week of every-other-day call.
  • It's surgery... they can be kinda intense.
  • If I stay up any later than 8PM I'll be cutting into 8 hours of sleep... all month long.
  • Apologies for the pity post. I'm allowed to do that once in a while, right? Cheer me up by forwarding this blog to your favorite friend and/or leave me a comment :)

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    1. Consider yourself cheered. Repeat as necessary.

    2. I like your blog.

    3. Good luck! It will be over faster than you can imagine.

    4. I’d love to cheer you up, but you never cheer me up by replying back to my comments.

      Okay, I’m nice, I’ll still cheer you up: You go Doctor! :]

    5. If you’ve done ER then you know what it is like to be on call.

      To call what Surgeons do “rounding” on patients may be a bit of a stretch. It’s more “visualizing” patients and briefly touching their abdomens.

      Just remember you are not a surgeon. Don’t get caught up in their macho games and you’ll do well.

      Good luck, and I’m really enjoying your blog.

    6. Just ask’em if they’ve had a bowel movement and the rest of the month will be a piece of cake. Best of luck buddy!

    7. Thanks everyone (and Mira, I apologize for being so bad at responding to comments… I’ll work on it, I promise!)

      Soon as I get some time off I’ll write more.

    8. DFF: YM “passed wind” HTH HAND.

      but seriously, compared to emergency, surgery is a piece of cake.

    9. All the Very Best 😀

    10. fyi – that’s strange. I’ll see if I can’t figure out what’s going on. Thanks for the heads up.

    11. Man your blog is beast. Wish more people had your striaght talking approach. cheers

    12. I dont completely agree with what you’ve said but i respect your opinion.

    13. Is this a wordpress or a typepad blog? The theme is real nice.

    14. Zebra – it’s a WordPress blog. The original theme was Connections by Patricia Muller. I modified it a bit.

      As an aside, I’m debating whether to switch over to a hosted blog by Blogger for increased networking and visibility… anybody have any thoughts?

      I also added an easier “subscribe” button at the top of each post. Input from more experienced webmasters is greatly appreciated at!

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