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The Pimp

My first pimp in all of medical school was on my first day of 3rd year. One of the residents asked me what I did for fun, in my free time.

The blood rushed to my head, my heart started beating fast, and I could feel my spine start to shrink in to the floor. "I can't miss this one!" I thought to myself, "this is a question about me! How can I get it wrong?"

I'm fairly certain I started flushing... because quite frankly, I was embarrassed that I couldn't answer. I mumbled something about not having any free time.

To be fair, I had just finished my grueling boards schedule, and my "free time" mainly consisted of zoning out with episodes of The Office and Scrubs with a few too many glasses of wine. But I distinctly remember feeling guilty, like I had somehow failed myself. I wasn't proud of it.

Today my attending asked me the same question, and I smiled a bit before I answered, thinking back to my first day of 3rd year. Then, without hesitating, I responded "I do an awful lot of cooking for myself and my roommates, we're landscaping and renovating the front of our house, I read books† (for fun!), try to hit the gym on a regular basis, and rock out on my Xbox".

That felt damn good. I went up to my parents' house for a long dinner tonight, which I haven't done for months, and now I'm writing in this blog which has lain neglected for an inappropriately long amount of time. And now, I'm going to rock out on the Xbox.

†Kurt Vonnegut puts the laughter in slaughter!

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  1. It’d be funny if he’d have said, “Son, sounds like you have too much free time…”

  2. Sounds pretty good…funny how our priorities change, isn’t it?

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