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The Time Crunch

I sometimes fail to realize how busy I really am during residency.

Just today I was looking at my schedule and realized that I'm booked up for the next month and a half; not just working 80 hours a week, but editing articles for the EMRA magazine, writing research proposals, submitting a publication to an academic journal, giving lectures, starting a new academic blog (stay tuned, readers!) trying to write an EKG book with a cardiologist... the obligations just go on and on.

I'm happy, and I hope I'm doing good things for this world, but damn, am I busy! All you premeds, med students, and laypersons out there... it's not easy. Rewarding, yes. Fulfilling, yes. But easy? Think again.

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  1. Would love to read the EKG book when you’re done! Always looking for a new book.

  2. Suddenly I feel like I’m not working anywhere near hard enough…

  3. How do you find time to get all this done? I mean wow. Just wow.

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