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What is this world coming to?

So the battery in the new hottness doesn't charge unless the entire computer is turned off. This is rather a shame, since the rest of the computer is pretty sweet.

I went on Dell's support page ( and had a nice long chat with a kind indian gentleman named Vikram. Vikram diagnosed my problem as a faulty battery and is sending me a new one via overnight shipping. In addition he fixed the pixellated screen resolution with a single file and then upgraded me to Windows Vista. Also, he granted me 3 wishes*.

I was so floored that technical support actually helped that I asked to get in touch with his manager so that I could recommend ol' Vik for a promotion. I hope he gets it. He's restored my faith in overseas technical support.

*only one of these statements is untrue. Can you guess which one?

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  1. You realize that by rewarding excellence, you guarantee that the front lines of technical support will forever be commanded by the bottom of the barrel, unhelpful teletrooper whose incompetence will only be overshadowed by his complete disregard for the well-being of your purchase.

  2. The overnight shipping is false

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