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Why I’m afraid of kids

Roommate is on his Pediatrics rotation right now, and while all you readers out there may think it's all fun and games, think again.

Y'see, any illnesses that Kids have are immediately passed on to Roommate, unless he's fortunate enough to have gotten it while younger. Apparently neither he nor I were lucky enough, because we've both been moribund since Saturday. I suppose the only thanks I have is that my cold doesn't include a sore throat (I hate you, sore throats).

Have fun diagnosing! I'm running a fever, chills, productive cough, and horrendous nasal discharge. I'm staying home from work tomorrow, which is the adult version of playing hooky.

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  1. True that. I do NOT get sick. That’s right. I’ve had one decent cold in the last three years. I was 7 years old the last time I puked.. until I worked with babies 16 years later.
    I did Peds for a semester (and luckily enough, didn’t get sick) BUT once I started working with infants in my NeoMed practicum.. They got me good with a lovely stomach bug. I’m not as cute as they can be when I get sick. . Those little @#*$& broke my 16 year streak!

    Keep in mind that After doing pediatrics and a few other rotations, you will have a superb immune system!
    Though it sucks double when it’s not even your rotation. Sorry Zac.
    Decontamination Chamber upon entering?

  2. RSV.

    Enjoy! I’m sure you’ll feel better soon.

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