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Wii Would Like To Play!

Proving yet again that the Wii heralds a new era of humanity, I present to you:

Rejected Wii Games

I firmly believe that this video proves that the Wii (or something like it) will train all doctors in the future. We already know that surgeons who play video games make fewer mistakes... and believe me, I play more than 3 hours a week. Told you it wasn't a waste of time, mom.

By the way, check out the end of that article. Being forced to play video games before operating? By my boss? Can someone please explain to me how this is anything other than my ultimate fantasy?

While I'm at it, I might as well mention that I've made a few tweaks around the site. If you're a regular reader (and I know you are!), go ahead and subscribe to my blog via my shiny new RSS feed, if you know what that is. Or, if you don't, use the email subscribe box on the lower right to get my ranty goodness delivered straight to your inbox†.

Even better, use the new "Email this" link on the bottom of any post to send it to someone who might enjoy it (all you meddies out there who have friends at other medical schools, this means YOU). I promise, I'll make it worth your while.

†I should say that I routinely edit posts for about 30 minutes after they go live, so you should check back on agraphia to make sure you get the final version. As a bonus, it's usually more offensive until I tone it down...

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