Agraphia Medical Tragicomedy


Working World, Day 1

I followed my doc (who shall further be referred to as O'Malley to protect everyone involved) around for the most part of today- saw his residents (affectionately referred to as "monkeys") perform a kidney biopsy and attempt a liver biopsy, only to realize that the nodule was gone. Good news for the patient... he was worried he had cancer. They got to tell him it was just a cyst.

The good news? He let me go at 11:30, told me to take a long lunch and not to come back tomorrow until "at least 9". He also said that me wearing a tie "made him nervous", which means I get to dress down / wear scrubs all summer.


The bad news is, I felt completely awkward all day, got in a bunch of people's ways, and don't know enough to really understand what's going on around there. It took me the entire morning to figure out that the "angio suite" is, in fact, the interventional radiology room, which is a subset of the entire department. It's the small things that get you. That, and the fact that every single procedure is acronymmed. Is acronymmed a word? It is now.

TIPS: Transjugular Intrahepatic Portosystemic Shunt.
TACE: Trans-Arterial Chemoembolization.

'course, I didn't get the day totally off- I've got a textbook on CT imaging to read (with LOTS of pretty pictures, which is sweet), about 10 articles, and a nagging feeling that I really need to review my anatomy textbooks. It doesn't help that all they see is path, which means everything is distorted from normal. At one point, O'Malley pulled up an MRI on a guy with a 6cm colon (affectionately referred to as the "big stinker"... quite the jokester, he) and I couldn't even see the pancreas. The only landmarks I recognised were the aorta and the kidneys. Yikes.

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