Agraphia Medical Tragicomedy


ye olde test(e)s rear their ugly heads

It's the night before finals, and I'm ready to get it over with. I've started to become intimately acquainted with the feelings I get before tests.

1) Fatigue. It's not just that I'm tired from lack of sleep, which I am. I'm just sick of going through these notes time and time again. I figured out today that I see any given page of notes at LEAST 4 times over the course of a semester. 1 during class, 2 while perusing it the first time, 3 while talking through it for the first time, and 4 the night before. That's without any additional freebies, of which there are many.

2) Stress. No matter how much I know, there is always more. No matter how well I think I know a chapter inside and out there will always be an "oh, shit!" moment when I realize there is a word on the page I don't recognize. Luckily, USUALLY they don't test us on more than 10% minutia. Usually. There have been exceptions (and this upcoming test may very well be one of them).

3) Relief. We are officially 5 days away from being finished with this material. No matter how well or poorly I do on this set of exams, I worked for it, and it's over.

4) Fear. Every exam down is one more step towards the boards... and if I think I'm stressed and tired now, just wait until that beast rolls around.

5) Blurge*. The urge to blog. i.e., not study. I should be looking at micro right now. This is my de-stress.

*P.S. I'm patenting the word blurge. Let it be known it was on agraphia first.

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  1. so can I use the word “blurge” on weboggle now? I’m definitely going to try it.

  2. i’m dying here……i can’t think of even looking at another drug on our pharm list…..aggghhh

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