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Zac Fact #14 (Celiac Sprue != Preist)

Interesting Fact #1

People suffering from Celiac Sprue used to be barred from the Catholic priesthood. Don't believe me? A priest taking communion is an integral part of Catholic mass - not only for their own salvation but for that of the congregation.

Unfortunately, since the communion wafer must be made from wheat (according to Roman Catholic doctrine), and there is no leeway for use of rice wafers, the Congregation barred people suffering from Celiac sprue from the priesthood, as they could not complete the sacrament. Luckily, through the miracles† of modern science, a new ultra-low-gluten wafer is available and the ban on Celiac Priests is lifted.

Interesting Fact #2

Ever wondered where the name Maalox came from? The most common antacids are made from Magnesium, Aluminum, or Calcium. Maalox is a combination of Magnesium Hydroxide and Aluminum HydrOxide. MaAlOx.

For all you USMLE studiers out there, this combination allows for regular bowel habits by combining the diarrhea-producing Magnesium antacids with the constipating Aluminum ones.


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  1. I care. I love useful trivia like this! Helps me to remember how & why things work. Dig it!