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Zac Fact #15 (USMLE Mnemonic #2)

Sorry for the absence†, I've been a bit more stressed out than usual. A few quick things:

General Antibiotics for the USMLE Step I

(Almost) Any Gram +: Penicillin
Respiratory Problems: Erythromycin
Big 3 Meningitis(es): 3G Ceph
Diarrhea: Fluoroquinolones
Zoonoses: Tet/Doxycycline
G.E.T. & anaerobes: Metronidazole
Random stuff: TMP/SMX

___Worms: Mebendazole / Pyrantel Pamoate (round, hook, whip, pin)
Tapeworm: Albendazole (for cyst form only)
Flukes: Praziquantel
Filiariae: Diethylcarbamazine

A few notes:
Penicillin for community acquired pneumococcus (gram+), 3G Ceph if nosocomial.
TMP/SMX is a random catch-all, including Nocardia (Gram+ but acts like a fungus).
Doxycycline can be used in renal patients, unlike Tetracycline.
1G Cephalosporins are often used pre-op in a surgery suite.
Ampicillin is most often used as prophylaxis before dental work in RHD.
Diethylcarbamazine works for Onchocerca too, but it itches like the dickens. Preferred Tx is ivermectin.

HLA Subtype mnemonics††

Goodpas2ures (DR2)
H3mochromatosis (A3)
Di4b3tes (DR3, DR4)
Ha5himoto's (DR5)
Steroid Responsive Nephrotic S7ndrome (DR7)
Gr8ves (B8)

Random side note: Type I diabetes is twice as likely to develop in infants who were not breastfed.

† treat with ethosuximide.
†† by the way, I apologize profusely to those of you readers who AREN'T taking the boards in a week. I'm sure this stuff is pretty obnoxious. It'll get more fun REAL soon, I promise. I start wards in June.

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  1. Leet speak saves the day for HLA! :)

  2. Really cool mnemonic for HLAs!!!
    I saw it earlier this week.
    Had been looking for it in books for an hr today, before I realized that I’d seen it on your blog!

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