Agraphia Medical Tragicomedy


Zac Fact #5 (Watershed Infarct)

Man-In-A-Barrel Syndrome: Seen in watershed infarcts, where blood pressure drops too low and specific areas of the brain lose blood supply (a type of stroke). Stereotypically produces loss of proximal muscle strength (i.e. thighs and arms) while maintaining distal strength (calves and forearms). Someone decided these people look like men trapped in a barrel.

Man In A Barrel: A descriptively named female sex toy. Reminds me of Turner's syndrome for some bizarre reason. Go ahead, Google Image it. I dare you.

By the way, you all should know that I hold regular conversations with the authors of First Aid for the USMLE in my head, while I study. Most of the time I'm berating them for absurdly ridiculous mnemonics (such as FREnzodiazepines, to "help" us remember that BENzodiazepines work via increased FREquency. C'mon, a retarded monkey could do better than that!)

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