Agraphia Medical Tragicomedy


Zac Fact #8 (Fishy go swim…)

Look, I know we're supposed to be professional about all this stuff by now. But... the whiff test?

Vaginal scrapings are taken, and put on a slide. KOH is placed on the slide, at which point it reacts with any bacteria. It then gives off a characteristic "fishy" odor, diagnosing bacterial vaginosis. Smelling for the fishy odor is officially - medically - called the "whiff test".

Something about "vagina" + "fishy" + "whiff" + "say it with a straight face, you're a doctor" just doesn't sit right by me. No sir, not one bit.

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  1. Speaking of questionable:

    Lyle Fact #8.17 Damn the Lame Mnemonics (as they are the only ones that I remember)

    Following the ultra-lame “Orthomyxoviruses mix (get it?) it up” through reassortment and multiplying in both the cytoplasm and nucleus. (Not going to remember it…well, maybe now.)

    We get this gem…”California Playboy bunnies in a Menáge-à-trois”: Bunyavirus as a contortionist (ambisense) with 3 segments causing California encephalitis. It’s both inappropriate and concise.

    Thank you perfectly legal copy of Kaplan Microbiology and Immunology!

  2. Just wait till you have an OB intern who makes you DO the whiff test. That smell is truly awful.

  3. Ok I realize I am dusting off the annals of Agraphia here but my (completely politically incorrect and hilarious) friend John asked once of the whiff test: “Isn’t it always positive??”

    And then was struck savagely by his wife.

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