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Zac Fact #9 (Mnemonics-a-go-go!)

Quinine: Stereoisomer of quinidine: antimalarial agent (Fun fact: also prevents shivering. Next time you're cold, drink a Gin & Tonic!)
Quinidine: Stereoisomer of quinine: class Ia antiarrhythmic.

How do you tell the difference? Easy: be an alcoholic. That way, you know that you always order your G&T with gen-u-ine quinine. Ooooh look! It rhymes!


Here's my personal favorite mnemonic, ever (and I am not, by any means, a mnemonic person). 100% of the credit goes to Peas:

The 5 Right to Left Shunts (The T's):

0: Total Anomalous Pulmonary Venous Return (0 connections back from the lung)
1: Truncus Arteriosus (1 big-ass trunk)
2: Transposition of the Great Vessels (2 switched vessels)
3: Tricuspid Atresia (3 fused leaflets in the tricuspid valve)
4: Tetralogy of Fallot (c'mon, you should know these 4 cold by this point)


Last one, then I'm done, I promise. It's HARD to have Cardiomyopathy:
Hypertrophic: Basketball players who drop dead during a game.
Arrythmogenic: Right Ventricular Dysplasia. Thin-walled right ventricle.
Restrictive: sarcoid, amyloid, radiation, endocardial fibrosis (high eosinophil count for >6 months), hemochromatosis.
Dilated: Most common. The ABCCDs - Alcohol, Beriberi, Cocaine (don't smoke crack, kids!), Chagas, Doxorubicin.


First Aid Mnemonic That Sucked The Hardest Today: REd = REperfusion. Guys... this is like, the most basic of all pathology concepts. I believe I can safely say that this is not mnemonic-able (braces for hate mail).

I should mention that I always write in pencil in my book, unless I'm crossing out stupid mnemonics. That's done in black pen... with a vengeance.

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  1. ok you ready?? The most common ovarian neoplasm: serous cystadenocarcinoma. The most common ovarian germ cell origin neoplasm: mature teratoma (EW). The most common tumor in women: leiomyoma. The most common malignancy in women: breast cancer. The most common cancer leading to death in women: Lung cancer. The most common malignancy of female genital tract: endometrial carcinoma. The most common benign tumor of the vulva: papillary hiradenoma. The most common breast disorder: fibrocystic changes. The most common tumor in

  2. The most common tumor in

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